Petite station, grands projets !

Vallée Bleue switches to RFID TECHNOLOGY


Passes et billets (bientôt) rechargeables, sans contact !​

Nous sommes extrêmement fiers de vous offrir des passes et des billets (bientôt) rechargeables grâce à la thanks to SKiData's RFID technology!

One more step in waste reduction.

The passes are designed to operate for ten years.
The daily tickets, on the other hand, have a lifespan of approximately 4-5 years.
You can therefore keep your pass or your ticket and recharge them if necessary,
from where you want and without queuing!

In addition to offering you an even more personalized service, everything is 100% contactless !
everything is 100% contactless!

Better management

Better management of COVID-related risks

Thanks to this system,
- We will be able to manage in real time the number of people admitted to the chalet (control turnstiles will be installed at the entrance and exit of the chalet),
- We can manage the people who have access to the chalet.
- In the event of an outbreak, we will be able to find out who was present, who had access to the chalet, the lifts and notify those present, if necessary.

For tickets:

All you will have to do is...

  1. C'est de l'acheter 1 première fois (pour le moment appelez-nous).
  2. Venir la récupérer à la billetterie, au service à la clientèle ou à la location et payer la consigne remboursable de 4$ par billet.
  3. La recharger en ligne, selon vos besoins (Cette fonction sera disponible pour l'hiver 2021-22).

Much more flexibility

(The same card will be used to purchase a day ticket, an hourly ticket, multi-day or whatever you need!)

Passes and tickets must be inserted in your ski clothes, from left side and not be in contact with your cell phone, credit card or RFID tickets from other resorts. They must not, under any circumstances, be perforated.

Notre Garantie Ski

Buy your passes and group lessons "Without Stress"

- With the purchase of season passes, subscribers benefit from certain privileges and the "Ski-Guaranty"..
- These privileges will be granted to you for the 2021-22 season only and will be established in the fall of 2021.
- Once these advantages and this guarantee have been established, you will be able, at that time, to choose to cancel the purchased subscriptions.
We therefore offer you a guarantee on the "Ski Guaranty"! 😄

Thanks to our partners in building the success of this new adventure!