Pleasure, nature and challenges!

DISC GOLF at Ski Vallée Bleue is:

  • 11 basket mountain course
  • A fun and simple way to spice up a hike while discovering magnificent landscapes!
  • An activity accessible to all, to do with family, friends or colleagues!
Prices / person
  • Disc (Frisbee) GOLF rates

    Age GroupsGame Access
    3 Discs included
    0 to 6Free
    7 years and more10 $
  • Taxes are not included and prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  • HORAIRE : Du 06 juil. au 25 août, ouvert du jeudi au lundi, de 10h à 17h. Du 26 août au 08 oct., ouvert les fins de semaine de 10h à 17h.
  • Duration 1h30 to 2h.
  • Snack bar and Bar Le Muskeg open ($)
  • Indoor restrooms
  • Comment s’habiller ?
    Wear good walking shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the course.
  • It is possible to do the activity with an all-terrain stroller
Click on the following links for more details:
  • Disc Golf :
    • You can arrive 20 minutes before departure.
    • Reservation is recommended.
  • Hiking trail and Disc Golf:
    • The hiking trail crosses the Disc Golf course in a few places. Please keep a safe distance.
  • When on site:
    • Payment by card is preferred.
  • Purchases:
    • We prioritize online purchases but you can also do it by phone (819-322-3427) or on site.
  • Circulate in the Chalet
    • To circulate in the chalet, it is mandatory to wear a top and shoes or sandals
  • For a postponement or cancellation of the activity:
    • It is the customer's responsibility de contacter Ski Vallée Bleue,  avant 17h, la veille du départ du DISC GOLF.
      • If you do not respect this deadline, the departure and the tickets will be automatically lost.
    • Contact us by phone at 819-322-3427 or by email at
      before 5 p.m. the day before your departure!
  • In the event of site closure, Vallée Bleue agrees to postpone or reimburse purchases and reservations.
  • In the event of injury or illness:

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Map of the DISC GOLF course


Tableau des normales Disc GOLF Vallée Bleue

Caractéristiques du terrain :

  • 11 Holes, Par 40
  • Total Length: 1,001 metres (3,281 ft)
  • Tertre de départ : Environnement montagneux et naturel
  • Established in July 2019


Carte de la montagne pour la randonnée et le parcours de Disc GOLF
Disc golf legende

DISC GOLF - How to play?

The basic principle of disc golf is very close to traditional golf:

  • For each hole (basket or disc catcher), you will find a starting point (tee box) and a basket separated by a distance varying between 65 and 180 metres.
  • You throw the disk from the tee box, you take it back from the spot where it landed, and you throw it again until it lands inside the basket.
  • The winner is the person who accumulated the least throws at the end of the course.
  • Safety instructions: Always stay behind the launcher. Wait for the disc to be launched before moving.

Disc Golf includes three types of throws:

Drive : This is a long distance throw. For each hole, the first throw is always a drive.
Approach: This is a medium distance throw used to get closer to the basket.
Putt : This is precision and short distance throw used to get directly inside the basket.

Three types of Discs (Frisbees) are provided during the activity:

Driver : Very flat and sharp, this disc is used for long distance throws.
Mid-range : Flat but not as sharp as the driver, this disc is used for medium distance throws.
Putter : Hollowed and rounded, this disc is used for precision and short distance throws of less than 10 metres intended to get the disc inside the basket.
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