Code of Conduct

What is the purpose of the Mountain Code of Conduct?

The Mountain Code of Conduct defines specific rules to promote harmony between users and helps reducing the chance of injuries. It also applies to snow parks and the term “ski” includes all kinds of activities occurring in a ski resort (snowboard, telemark, etc.). favorisent la cohabitation harmonieuse de tous les usagers de la station et contribuent à diminuer les risques de blessures. Il s’applique également aux parcs à neige et le terme « ski » englobe tous les types d’activités pratiquées dans une station de ski (planche à neige, télémark, etc.)

For its security and that of others, every skier must adopt a respectful behaviour and comply to the Code and other rules in force in ski resorts. Ski patrols can intervene and remove someone’s ticket if they witness a violation of the Code. chaque skieur doit adopter un comportement respectueux et se conformer au code de conduite et aux autres règles en vigueur dans les stations. Les patrouilleurs peuvent intervenir auprès d’une personne qui enfreint le Code et lui retirer son billet de ski.



1- The golden rule: Control

Remain in control of your speed and direction. Make sure you can stop and avoid any person or obstacle.

2- Priority to people downhill

Yield the right of way to people downhill and choose a course that ensures their safety.

3- « Get out » of the way

Stop on a trail only if you are visible from above and not obstructing the trail.

4- At intersections, priority to people uphill

Yield the right of way to people uphill when entering a trail as well as at intersections.

5- Help first-aiders

If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain on the scene and identify yourself to a first-aider.

6- No runaway equipment

At all times, use and wear a device to prevent runaway equipment.

7- No drugs or alcohol

Stay off lifts and trails if your ability is impaired by drugs or alcohol.

8- Obey all signs

Obey all signs and warnings, and never venture onto closed trails or off the trail zone.

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