First Time?



  1. You can refer to the following:
  2. If you don’t take an initiation package, you can buy your tickets online or on site. billets en ligne ou directement sur place.
  3. If you buy on site, the ticket office is located outside, in front of the main lodge. As soon as you get your ticket, you are ready to hit the slopes!
  4. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you to start at the base of the Magic Carpet. 

Make sure to provide clothes adapted to the temperature of the day

  • Tuque
  • Mits (better than gloves)
  • Thermal or woolless socks (avoid cotton)
  • Warm underwear.
  • Privilege the system by layer (several thin layers instead of very thick).
  • Provide spare socks.
  • Provide ample pants at the bottom to put it over the boots (you must have the least amount of clothing inside the boots for comfort.)
  • Avoid scarves and loose clothing while being comfortable to move.

We have an on-site accessory shop for your forgetfulness!

If you have a lesson

  1. The day of the course, please report to the station a minimum of 60 minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. Upon arrival, head directly to the Rental Center (inside the cottage) to pick up your equipment.
  3. The rental center attendants will help you adjust your boots, so be sure to put on your winter pants and socks.
  4. The rental staff can tell you who will be your instructor and confirm the time of your class.

Once equipped

  1. You can leave your boots and belongings at a table in the chalet.
  2. Before your class, take the time to go to the bathroom and have a snack or meal.
  3. Do not dress too quickly; you might get too hot and then get cold quickly outside.
  4. It's time for class! The instructor will pick you up at the school meeting to the right of the quad lift.
  5. The course will begin at the base of the beginners' mat. Your instructor will teach you, step by step, the basic maneuvers for practicing your new sport, while adapting to your needs.

If you do not want a course, go to the rental center to rent your equipment.  Equipment rental prices.

For equipment rental, we will ask you:

  • A driver's license as an identification. (one per family.)
  • The age, size, weight and skier level of the person who needs equipment. (does not apply for snowboarding.)
  • The duration of the lease.


How to get to Vallée Bleue Family Ski Resort

  • From the South:
    • Take Highway 15 North to Exit 76. Then take the 117 North towards Val David, Val Morin. 
    • After the second set of lights, turn left on Chemin de la Vallée Bleue. (right after Le Rusé Renard restaurant)
    • The ski resort will be on your left.  
  • From the North:
    • Take the 117 South, then Highway 15 South to Exit 86.
    • Then take the 117 South towards Val David, Val Morin. 
    • Turn right on Chemin de la Vallée Bleue. (right before Le Rusé Renard restaurant)

Thanks to our partners in building the success of this new adventure!