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Chers journalistes, cette section vous donne accès à tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour vos articles, ainsi que des exemples d’articles déjà paru au sujet de Vallée Bleue.

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Adresse:  1418 Chemin de la Vallée Bleue, Val-David, QC J0T 2N0
Propriétaires:  Isabelle Émond et Luc Beaujean
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Petit historique:

On July 19, 1963, the Vallée Bleue Ski Center was founded in Val-David, in the heart of «Snow Belt» des LaurentidesThe resort, which opened in December of the same year, was the concept of Frank Juodkojis et John Lingat, two talented and ambitious men.

Le 15 novembre 2018, Isabelle Émond et Luc Beaujean achète Vallée Bleue. Depuis ils ont innové et les clients ont été au rendez-vous

Notre spécialité ski:

Besides its location, outstanding snow coverage and plenty of sunshine, Vallée Bleue provides an excellent artificial snow system covering 75 % of the skiing area, ensuring an early opening and a late closing date..

Our mountain is distinguished from others by its originality and family policy. its originality and its family policy..

The reputation and originality of the Vallée Bleue ski school have given it an enviable reputation in the development of young skiers and snowboarders.

Our priority: Security and fun for the whole family!

Thanks to our many partners for their contribution to the success of this adventure!

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